Data Driven Sales

Use our industry-leading data analytics tools to get more from the marketplace and achieve more sales.

As a manufacturer, you are well aware that not having an online sales presence is forfeiting market share. It’s just a fact. But the technical and strategic challenges of jumping into a competitive online marketplace such as Amazon can be daunting. Add to that the complications of managing a new channel in harmony with established legacy sales and distribution relationships. It’s not unusual for a manufacturer to be hesitant.

If you already sell online, are your sales as robust as you would like them to be? Is your brand well represented in targeted searches? Maximizing sales on competitive marketplaces such as Amazon or Walmart requires a deep level of familiarity, engagement, and attention to detail.

Kingsbay Group knows all aspects of taking a product line to market on the web. Yes, we represent millions of different products on behalf of our partners, but it’s the brand awareness, market share increases and new opportunities that those sales and transactions create for our manufacturer partners that are why they choose to work with us.

We have collected massive amounts of data from millions of consumer transactions that provide incredible insight for strategies to achieve sales growth and enhance the entire process, from desktop search to doorstep delivery.

Data Driven Sales

SEO is only part of what we know.

We provide industry-leading Data Technology and Data Analytics services to our manufacturer customers they cannot get anywhere else. SEO companies all have the same access to public Google keyword data. Kingsbay Group is different because we have collected detailed information on every single sale of every product we have ever sold on Amazon and other leading online marketplaces. This incredible set of data is proprietary to Kingsbay Group. We distribute over 3 million different UPCs. Our analysts have accurate data on customer buying habits for each of these products beyond what is available to typical SEO companies. Our data technologies tell us where to place products right, based on efficiencies of accuracy, speed, and cost savings. We very carefully use data technology to select the best places to market each product.

Instead of just reporting how many units sell in a specific period, we know if the purchaser was planning to buy a competitive product and changed to yours. We track from the original search to what the consumer buys, following the purchasing pattern from beginning to end. What did they search for and what did they end up buying? We use that insight to place and advertise products where they will most likely convert to a sale.

We have three talented groups of specialists who do this.

SEO Team



Who build the bridge that connects Kingsbay Group proprietary data to Amazon data, Google data, and other sources in the marketplace.



Who take these millions of data points and turn it into useful information.



Who identify strategic opportunities based on the information revealed by the data.

We bring these opportunities to our manufacturer partners.

Global Brand Partners Map

We already have terabytes of user experience data from Google, Amazon and other top marketplaces which gives us insight for helping us advise our manufacturer partners on how best to market their products on these platforms. That’s a benefit to our partners because we can advise our partners about demand for their products in places they are not aware of. We will even offer new product development suggestions to meet a consumer need that we may identify. We help our partner manufacturers pioneer products and be first on the market to meet this demand.

We believe in what we recommend. We buy product inventory using our own capital and rely on our expertise to get it sold. This enables us to keep our partners at the table for decisions, while allowing them stay at arm’s length to avoid channel conflicts with their other customers. We also help our partners protect themselves from Amazon robbing their market share or misusing their brand.

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