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We sell products online. Lots of them. Everywhere.
For some of the largest manufacturers in America.

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Kingsbay Group is an e-commerce company serving manufacturers.

We provide creative and industry-leading solutions that maximize our partner manufacturers on marketplaces they are not currently on and marketplaces that they are already on. Our unique solutions approach brings both logistical distribution support and industry-leading data analytics to provide unparalleled e-commerce brand, product, and market share presence. Kingsbay Group helps our partner manufacturers grow.

We were in e-commerce when Amazon was just a bookstore.

If you are a manufacturer, you need to be doing business on Amazon. Big or small, if you are not there, you are losing market share. But effectively managing the Amazon marketplace takes expertise and time that can strain internal resources and if not managed appropriately can have adverse effects on your brand, market share and other channel conflicts. It can also create undue competitive threats that can erode your business. We help manufacturers by managing their e-commerce marketplace presence with a complete, transparent, and exclusive approach that ensures you have a partner who cares about your business and your customers’ experience just as much as you do. In addition to Amazon, we have expertise and presence on more than a dozen leading national and international marketplaces, including Walmart and eBay.

Kingsbay Group is an end-to-end player in e-commerce. As a true partner distributor, we have skin in the game. We buy and sell inventory. We have the capital resources to issue million-dollar purchase orders.

We are committed to the success of our manufacturer partners.

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