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Kingsbay Group has a culture of servant leadership. That means serving our manufacturing partners, distribution partners, reps in the field, sales partners, and our internal partners. We are driven to create solutions in the marketplace that serve each opportunity, entity, and individual person, wherever they are at in the value chain. That attitude starts with our founders and works its way through all our team members.

Kingsbay Group’s ownership is comprised of active Christians who seek to treat everyone as an image bearer of God, who has value and worth and deserves to be treated as we ourselves would want to be treated. Many of our owners are elders at their local church or are directors of global disciple-making efforts. We aim to have our personal values drive our business in that direction. We carry an attitude of serving. Kingsbay Group is not just about making money. We are about serving people whether they are our manufacturer partners and their families or their customers and their families or our own team members and their families. We desire everyone within our relationship connections to succeed and be prosperous.

Kingsbay Group has a proven combination of services that has led to our collective partner relationship success. From sophisticated, state-of-the-art data science and analysis to growing physical warehouses and efficient distribution systems to financial resources to maintain large inventories of products and our team of experts, we want to put all of this to work for you.

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